Yes, Australia is among the remotest nations in the world, ironically, it’s among the best places to visit. And the Australian Outback is the place to visit. It offers the best Aussie experience: desert-like experience, kangaroo hopping on the streets, and lush bushland to explore.

Unfortunately, it’s also a place that people rarely visit. We don’t blame them…a lot is located in the middle of nowhere. Do you know that central Australia is pretty much-untouched outback land?

But the truth is, Australian Outback has a lot to offer. Take a 4WD trip to Uluru and Central Australia for a true Aussie experience. Here’s what to experience on your trip.

  1. Aussie Animals in Natural Habitat

The outback of Australia is home to several wildlife species. Every insect or animal, including the dangerous ones, resides here. From the Australian dingo, kangaroos to the poisonous snakes, there’ll be no shortage of wildlife animals.

  1. Amazing Landscapes

The Outback offers you an opportunity to experience natural beauty. A trip to Uluru or Kata Tjuta is just awe-inspiring.

Do you know that Uluru is the largest monolith on the planet? It dates back to 600 million years and stands taller than Eiffel Tower.

On your trip to Uluru, understand what you can or cannot do. For instance, there are sacred places that local custodians don’t want to be photographed. Be sure to comply with their wishes.

But that’s not all! There are other incredible sites on the outback. Such include: the time-eroded canyons, termite mounds larger than a car, walks to plateau, and swimming holes.

  1. Beautiful Sunrise

Yes, you want to sleep in on your vacation, but don’t miss the beauty of sunrise at Uluru. At sunrise, Uluru and the surrounding landscape change color to a vibrant red.

Avoiding overcrowding is vital when booking your sunrise tour. Otherwise, how will you get a good photo if you have to fight through crowds? If you’re in a tour group, insist on knowing the number of people in that group.

With the global Covid-19 pandemic, ensure your tour group is adhering to the laid down protocols. But don’t worry, all travel publicity and SEO says that Australia is Covid-safe. Take time and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Visit the Carnarvon Gorge

The 27 million years old gorge attracts 70,000 visitors a year. It is located in Queensland Central Highlands and is home to sandstone cliffs. You’ll also find ancient birds and plant life like ancient cycad trees.

The Carnarvon Gorge is famous for its picturesque walks. It’s a hike to see the best stencil artwork on the planet. Expect to see over 2000 artworks and engravings along a sandstone wall in the Carnarvon National Park.


When planning a visit to Australia, most people think of the bustling cities, the Great Barrier Reef, and the coastal beaches. However, the real heart of the country is hiding far in the outback.

Here, the sun is hot, the ground is red, and millions of stars shine into the night. Peaceful coexistence between life and land exists. Take a trip to the Northern territory in Uluru, the spiritual heart of the country. The sunrises, sunsets, and beautiful landscapes are fascinating just but a few reasons for visiting Australian Outback.  It’s also unlikely that you’ll contract Covid-19 in 45 degrees Outback heat.