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Why you need Digital Marketing Strategy

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Regardless of how or where you sell your products and services if you’re serious about the success of your business you need to be serious about developing a digital marketing strategy for your business.
In years gone past business could rely on passing trade or placing an advert in the yellow pages to attract new customers but those days are well and truly over. In today’s fast paced world consumers are becoming more and more web savvy and online marketing plays a crucial role in not only helping your business be found by potential customers but also influencing what they spend their money on.

Research shows that over 83% of consumers are shopping online at least once a week and that over 90% of consumers go online to research products and services they are considering purchasing.

With literally thousands of vendors online your products and services need to stand out from your competitors. One of the biggest reasons companies approach Atomic Digital Marketing is because they are looking to increase their online presence through search engine optimisation. Whilst it is important to work with the best search engine experts being found online is only a small part of the equation of what online media has to offer.

At Atomic Digital Marketing we specialise in breaking through the online noise to help your business:


Online noise to help your business:


  • Attract New Customers
  • Highlight the products and services you offer
  • Influence buyer behaviour
  • Building your brand image
  • Convert web traffic into sales
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Understand customer buying patterns
  • Drive brand loyalty
  • Maximise sales revenue
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Increase purchase frequency

Give your business an unfair advantage

Having a good digital marketing strategy will pay for itself several times over but why so many companies are turning to Atomic Digital Marketing is because we tailor the digital marketing strategy to suit your business marketing needs. Our tried and tested marketing strategies have been demonstrated to be effective for even the smallest operator competing against the big boys.

Why? We enable you to spend your time and money more productively. We give you access to high impact yet low cost marketing techniques that have seen many of our customers become BRW FAST Starters.

Digital marketing is effective because it flattens the playing field for all players, big and small. Not only can you reach a much broader market quicker and more effectively than any bricks and mortar business we will show you how you can use internet marketing to drive customers to purchase from your business again and again.

Emergency Electricians Promoting Themselves Using Digital Marketing

As an emergency electrician, you spend hours fixing electrical systems for your customers. But do you have time to market your services online to your most valuable customers? If not, you’re losing a huge prospective of potential customers.

Using digital marketing, you can attract valuable leads, convert leads to customers, and maintain loyal customers. It does so by creating awareness of your work to the potential market.

Keep reading to learn about the best electrician digital marketing strategies and why you should invest in them.

Why Do Electricians Need Digital Marketing?

The electrical services industry is competitive. Without a solid marketing strategy, you risk losing potential clients to competitors. And with more people using the internet to look for local services, having online visibility is vital for electricians.

According to studies, 97 percent of customers use internet searches to find the products and services that they need. However, ensuring that your website is visible is a challenge for most electricians. Implementing the right digital marketing strategies ensures that potential customers find you online ahead of your competitors.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Emergency Electricians

To find an electrician in an emergency, people turn to their phones and search on Google. This explains where you should focus your marketing.

But how do you do this? By focusing on these digital marketing strategies.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s the first strategy to consider. SEO makes your website easy to read by search engines, allowing it to show up in search engine research pages.

Without SEO or with a poor SEO strategy, your website will not show up in organic search results. If your site doesn’t show up on these results, how will potential customers contact you?

Speaking of customer search, SEO strategy also includes a keyword research process. Here, you’ll look for the most valuable term that potential customers in need of your service will search on google. Such may include emergency electrician, emergency electrical service, wiring replacement among others.

Once your site ranks on search engine result pages, then you must convince customers why they should patronize your service. Some emergency electricians promote their 24/7 call-out policy to attract new customers.

  1. Blogging

Do you want your business to emerge as an authority in your industry? Then invest in quality blogs.

When writing blogs, seek to solve a problem that potential customers are going through. For instance, you can explain the steps a person should take when there’s an electrical emergency in their home. You can also make a post on what qualifies as an electrical emergency and what doesn’t and the steps to take in either case.

Make sure you post quality and unique content on your blogs.

  1. Social Media

Do you know that 81 percent of small enterprises use social media, and 94 percent of these are for marketing purposes? Do not be left behind.

For starters, there are several social media platforms available for you to market your services. These include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All these platforms have millions of users.

Even better, you can make use of SEO and social media for quality results. Using both SEO and social media marketing gives you access to a wider market reach resulting in more customers for your business.


Do you want your emergency electrical business to grow? Then investing in the right digital marketing strategy is a must. It ensures your business is visible to the outside world hence attracting new customers to your firm.

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