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Offsite SEO

There is a saying that you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s these little secrets that can often mean the difference between a high ranking and relegation to the back of the queue. Fortunately the team at Atomic are constantly updating their expertise in the latest SEO techniques to keep you one step ahead of the competition. Having worked with a multitude of content providers across a broad range of industries we have built and extensive knowledge base of the best quality links and service providers to fast track your results. We only employ ethical search engine optimisation methods and provide our clients with full transparency to enable them to fully understand how to get the most out of their website.

Offsite SEO activities undertaken by Atomic Digital Marketing include:

  • Article Writing –having good quality articles written about your products and services increases the visibility of your business.
  • Article Submission –writing great articles is important for raising your profile but having those articles published on high ranking sites with links back to your website requires skill and dedication.
  • Press Release Writing – With more and more people getting their news online being able to stand out is critical for getting your message out.
  • Press Release Submission – A story about your business on the right website can grow your business exponential overnight. We are experts at getting your press releases to online media who make a difference.
  • Video Submission –Got a great video? Let us turn your video viral and watch your rankings climb.
  • Blog Commenting and Forum Posting – everyone’s got an opinion. We make sure that your business has a voice on blogs and forums that will make a difference to your brand.
  • Link Building – the power of high quality links can not be overstated. Our link building team focus upon building inbound links from high traffic, high ranking sites to turbo charge your results.

Significant reasons why the Biltong and Droewors recipes have stood the test of time

Droewors, the South African cured meat snack, is an over 400 years old recipe that translates to dry sausage and is linked to have originated from Dutch who settled in South Africa during the pre-colonial era. The fundamental purpose of coming up with the recipe was to preserve meat for relatively long periods and minimize wastage which was prone to happen considering there was no refrigeration technology at the time. Furthermore, this South African droewors cured meat was less bulky and could easily be carried by hunters who had to leave home for significantly longer periods in search of food. Biltong, also originally from South Africa was developed for the same reasons of preservation but contrary to popular belief it is different from droewors.

Difference between Biltong and Droewors

It doesn’t go without saying that both of these South African delicacies are dried meat snacks however their major difference is in their preparation. Biltong involves thin slices of the meat usually less than a cm in thickness to ensure they dry faster and prevent the possibility of spoiling during the drying process.  Droewors on the other hand usually have that distinct rounded shape and are available in the thick and thinner versions although the former is preferred considering it can easily be dried with significantly reduced risk of spoilage compared to the thicker one.

 Reasons why these historic recipes are still popular in today’s world

  • They are rich in proteins.

These dried meat snacks usually preferable over other snacks such as potato chips which have been deemed unhealthy are rich in proteins which are good for maintenance and development of muscles and hence one of the best snacks to have before workouts.

  • Have comparatively fewer calories.

In comparison to other available snack alternatives, droewors and biltong have significantly reduced calories and thus healthier for the modern man. All in all, these snacks should be eaten in moderation considering excessive consumption may do more bad than good.

  • Use traditional spices.

The traditional South African recipe of Biltong and Droewors uses natural spices such as vinegar pepper etc. in their preparation procedures. These are ingredients are less harmful to the long-term health of individuals compared to flavoring chemicals and others used for preservation of snack today. As people become more conscious of what they eat such natural alternatives become suitable for their lifestyles and hence their continued popularity over the years.

  • Low fat composition

These dried meat snacks usually have a low fat composition which makes them a good protein source for people who are on a diet trying to cut off some weight.

  • It doesn’t require refrigeration.

Unlike most protein sources that are available today, Biltong and droewors can go for long periods without going bad which makes them the best choice for protein source today when out for hiking, or out on long trails among other activities. Additionally, they are a rich source of vitamin B12 which is vital for healthy blood and good cell replication processes.

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