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For top-quality SEO Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane companies rely on us to get them onto Page 1 for single or double-word short-string searches. We will show you current industry-conquering client rankings which continue to provide our clients with million-dollar ROI …

The key to our success is we deliver on expectations, even in an ever-changing Google environment.

Our team have over 22 years of experience in optimising our own and client websites to get found high in search results for extremely competitive keyword terms.


We’re a team of consultants with the highest level of quality and experience in the industry. We strongly believe bigger is not better & can get the results you want, regardless of the size of the optimisation project.


You have to be innovative to stay abreast of what Google demands of a spot one, page one listing in their search results, We’re continually testing to interpret Google’s continual algorithm changes, enabling you to get an “almost unfair” digital marketing advantage from our methods.


For our clients to get the very best results possible, we have the latest SEO technology at our fingertips and nothing is compromised to help get the best results possible.

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Every client optimisation project is different, but our methods are always on the ‘white hat’ side of the Google rule book.

To achieve the great results we get, we follow this sequence of work once the keywords are established with the client:

a/ On page optimisation of the website is evaluated and recommendations made for your or our web designer to complete. We also prepare the structured data coding for installing on the site which Google is expecting in 2024.

b/ Press releases are written by us and submitted to international news agencies which gives a variety of backlinks from high authority news sites to assist with anchor text balance and growing the trust flow & domain authority rating. This also helps bring visitors to the site which Google is always monitoring.

c/ ‘White Hat’ quality back-linking is obtained from a number of authority blog type websites pointing to the client’s website. This is to promote the website as a trusted high authority site which gets links from ‘good neighborhoods’.

d/ Progressively establish and optimise the client’s business on social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus etc which Google is expecting to see in 2024. This gives a wide variety of backlinks from high authority social media sites to promote the website in Google’s eyes as a trusted high authority site.

e/ Also progressively establish and optimise your website on business citation pages on platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages etc. as well as niche-related forums which Google is wanting to see, especially in a ‘local’ business.

f/ List your sites on Google platforms such as Google Maps etc. This work finds favour with Google and creates more high-quality trusted links, assisting the ranking process.

All work is personally completed by our team and no aspect of work is outsourced or done using ‘black hat’ (unproven or compromised) techniques.

To achieve significant results, we do other work tasks including:

1/ Researching the data metrics (technical and link profile audit) of the clients’ competitors on SEO information analysis platforms like Majestic.com and Ahrefs.com, as well as their Google Webmaster tools.
2/ Doing GAP analysis of competitors, researching and analysing the data metrics of their websites and strategies employed.
3/ Posting on social media pages and channels for high domain authority back-links to the website from the likes of Scoop.it, Aboutus.org, etc.
4/ Establishing business listings on niche-related directory pages and channels for gaining further high domain authority back-links to the website – shows Google the business is serious about participating and promoting itself on the web within local areas delivering on the Local SEO Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane companies require to rank strongly in their city, not just suburb.
5/ Curate and post the published press releases on appropriate social media & republishing sites in accordance with an agreed placement program.
6/ Create and place guest post articles on industry-related websites to again create back-links to the client’s website to build the site’s quality score in Google’s eyes.
7/ List your site on Google platforms such as Google Maps etc. This work finds favour with Google and creates more high quality trusted links assisting the ranking process.
8/ Progressively ping indexing all circa 1,200 new back-links created by article posting, press releases and social media posting to ensure Google does not miss them.
9/ Monitoring progress and adjusting the social media and back-linking strategy.
10/ Phone calls, meetings and email communications with you over the period to discuss progress and gain feedback.

Tell us you called us from this web-page and receive a free 2-hour face to face consultation with one of our SEO Sydney experts. Call 1300 321 814 any time 8am to 9pm.


Atomic Digital excels at raising your SEO ranking by basing your promotion on research rather than instinct, looking at what your competitors are doing, finding out how your customers search or use bespoke software and how people are searching for your product/service.

By implementing simple, effective navigation in your website design, hyper-linking between pages wherever possible to encourage search engines to “spider” the site and using keywords in the links, we can help our clients achieve much higher rankings than other agencies.

By assigning 70% of a clients search engine optimisation budget to “off-site SEO”, blows away your competitors who don’t do this and will give you a massive edge.  This will frequently enable you to get multiple results on Google’s first page instead of just one listing.

Trying to get links from very-high-traffic websites that Google already loves is very hard to achieve for a lot of companies.  But, by linking meaningfully and accurately to you, Google will love you too. We specialise in this aspect and cannot be matched on this by any SEO company in Australia.

Do not be deceived that one link from an off-site article is enough. For an off-site article to be very successful for you, it needs to link in multiple times with highly-targeted keywords and keyphrases – do not allow SEO companies to fob you off on this matter.

We have a number of well established (a number of them over 20 years old), very-high-traffic websites that have been built up  over the last 12 years that make the chances of you getting a high ranking on google GUARANTEED – Google rankings for current client available on request.

For top-quality SEO Sydney companies rely on us to get them onto Page 1 for single or double-word short-string searches. We will show you current industry-conquering client rankings which continue to provide our clients with million-dollar ROI … to chat click here to contact us.

Offsite SEO Can Involve Articles+Links Such As This

Family vacations usually during school holidays are a nice way for families to strengthen their bond by spending more quality time together, sharing experiences, making memories together and relaxing after a long school session and stressful days in the office. There are various activities and destinations that are suitable to get this quality time and to avoid the last-minute rush it Is usually advisable to plan for it in advance. Sydney Australia is among the best locations to have this fulfilling family retreat with both fun and educational vacation care activities with a few of these activities including;

A visit to the Taronga Zoo

Zoo, especially for kids, can be both fun and educative experience which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. this zoo is usually rated the best attraction site for kids in Sydney and the zookeepers here will teach kids on the various animal behaviors and habitats that are educative to the kids and parents as well.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge

This bridge is on Sydney’s most popular icons after the Opera House and offers an organized and safe climb to the top for families with kids over the age of 8. This thrilling activity is rated as one of the most adventurous things to do in Sydney and you sure will make a lot of memories climbing the bridge as well as learn some new climbing skills which may come in handy in the future. Walking across the Harbour Bridge is also a breathtaking experience for families that cannot make the climb and see the spectacular views from the bridge.

Visiting Luna Park

Luna Park is an amusement park that is located on the northern side of the Harbour Bridge and its huge smiling face which visitors have to walk through into the park is a famous landmark in the city which is hard to miss. This park can be a lot of fun for families that have kids who love merry go rounds, Ferris wheels and other modern attractions at the fairground that are fun for both parents and kids and a lot of new things to learn from the experience.

The Royal Botanic Garden

This is one of the best locations in Sydney for family walks, picnics, and learning about the history of Australian flora with plenty of space which can be relaxing for the family. The garden has many places where you and your family can get snacks or a meal together and there are a lot of activities for free for both parents and kids during their school holidays.

The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

This is a large aquarium that contains marine life with Perspex tunnels to walk through where you and your family can enjoy the view of grey nurse sharks and other marine life. There are many other sections within the aquarium which include the South Coast Shipwreck, the shark valley, penguin expedition, etc. Which is both fun and educative experience for the whole family with a lot of lifetime memories which you will make while there.

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