Social Media Management

Why every Business needs Social Media Management

Unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg it is unlikely you will make billions from online social media. But if you are not using social media as an integral part of your marketing communications strategy you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to interact with your customers.

Social media is the voice, ears and opinion generator of the global community in which your products and services are consumed. What sets social media management apart from other forms of marketing communication is the speed and ease with which information flows via online social media. Unlike the days of yesteryear where friends and neighbours would share their experiences of products and services with a select few over a cup of coffee or a backyard barbeque social media such as Facebook and twitter allow users to share their experience with thousands of people in real time across the globe. This can be both a burden and a blessing. Having your product or service liked by thousands of people on Facebook can without doubt help build credibility and drive sales but by the same token a vicious attack by a disgruntled customer trending on twitter can cost you thousands in lost revenue.

At Atomic Digital Marketing we believe that a carefully constructed social media marketing strategy can help you navigate through the minefield of potential pitfalls as well as cut through the noise to have your message heard.

What are the benefits of social media management for a business?

  • Global Reach : increase awareness of your business around the world.
  • Increased traffic : Social media creates interest in your products and services driving traffic to your web site
  • Greater understanding : when people talk about your products and services via social media it increases understanding of what it is you do.
  • Monitor Public Opinion : learn what people are saying about your brands and its activities
  • Identify : who is most engaged in your brand and develop targeted marketing activities
  • New business : increase opportunities through greater brand awareness
  • New Sales Channels : expand the channels through which you can sell your products and services (EG Facebook Store)
  • New Product opportunities : Identify new ideas via feedback from consumers and people interested in activities related to your brand
  • Responsiveness : Ability to react quickly to negative and positive issues.
  • Measure : frequency and volume of discussion on your brand and marketing campaigns as they happen
  • Build relationships : with consumers to explain why things are done
  • Loyalty : Develop consumer loyalty and trust through interaction

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How do I use social media management in my business?

Social Media management is all about developing a relationship with your current and potential customers.Just as you would not launch into a full blown sales pitch as to the specials offers your company has this week to your friends at an outing to the cinema social media should not be seen as a blatant advertising tool for your product or service. People like to hear about what’s new and interesting but they don’t want to feel that all you are trying to do is sell to them. Social Media is a two way street where people should be encouraged to talk about their experiences and interests. Smart businesses realise that people want to engage with them on a personal level and not just with a faceless organisation. A good social media marketing strategy will focus upon building the personality of your company and its products and services. If people feel that you are interested in what they have to say they are more likely to listen and engage with your organisation in a positive way. When others see that customers are responding to you in a positive way they too will feel inclined to want to deal with you.

Ways that you can do this include:

Social media management

  • Identify the purpose of your website
  • Create a foundation for marketing so your website can be easily found
  • Design your website to look professional(unless you don’t want that look!)
  • Build your website in a way that is easy to navigate
  • Make your website your company’s best salesperson selling 24 hours a day
  • Reputation Management

What does a Social Media Management Strategy involve?

The more people who are engaged with your company via social media the more people will become aware of your business. More people equates to more diverse traffic sources, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Managing a social media strategy, however, requires a great deal of time and effort. Social media operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To run a social media strategy properly you need to be prepared to respond to customers promptly and professionally. Information needs to be updated regularly and whoever is managing your social media presence needs to be kept abreast of your latest promotions, special events and upcoming activities. The more you put into your social media strategy the more you will get out of it.

At Atomic Digital Marketing our social media experts will evaluate how your business can interact best with your customers via social media. We offer a complete service ranging from helping you to create a facebook presence and training on various social media platforms right through to managing your entire social media network.

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