Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation is the process of ensuring most people take action when they visit your website. By designing and modifying vital elements of your site, your business can increase the chances of converting your leads into a customer before they leave your site. We design your website to convert visitors into customers by modifying your landing pages, pricing pages, and blog – we optimise all of these for higher number of conversions.

You help you generate more revenue in two ways by implementing conversion optimisation. We help you drive additional traffic to your site to boost sales or we can improve the effectiveness of your site to increase sales with the same amount of traffic you’re getting.

You see conversion optimisation is important because you can generate more sales with the same amount of traffic you’re receiving. Instead of putting additional money into your PPC ads or other digital methods of driving traffic to your site, you will efficiently convert your current traffic into leads and eventually sales. And if you invest to drive more traffic to your site, conversion optimisation will get you more out of your investments.

The other importance of conversion optimisation is that it allows you to make the most of the traffic you have and you effectively make more money without having to spend more on customer acquisition.

With conversion optimization, we evaluate your website’s sales funnel/s to identify ways to improve your site and get a higher percentage of people signing up for your product or service. Next, we will come up with a hypothesis to test, and then we will create a new version of your landing page or web page to test against your current version to learn which is more effective in getting site visitors to sign up and buy. After testing, you can now implement the one that converts better and have the highest percentage of people buying your product.

Testing is important in conversion optimisation. Without testing, you will only rely on your instinct to determine which is effective. But once you test, you can determine if your change is leading to an increase in conversion. You will know right away how to design your new web page.



  1. Stay relevant and ahead of the competition

The only way to stay relevant and ahead of your competition is by employing conversion optimisation. What worked three months ago will not work today and what did not work three months ago may work today. You should evolve as the market evolve. Improving your conversion rates will improve your website and you will have a better marketing performance, more customers who will spend more, and let you scale your business better.

  1. Predict success or failure

Your conversion rate can assess if you are succeeding or failing in your campaigns. Analytics reports can help you see which part of your business is getting the strongest conversion. This will help you to predict which audiences will become your best customers. Weaker conversion rates will let you see what part of your business strategy needs more work.

  1. Better conversion can give you a higher return on investment

Higher conversion rates mean your campaigns are efficient. If you have a higher conversion rate you save on your ad budget. If you double your conversion rates, then you save 50% on your cost per acquisition.

For example, if you spend $30 to get a new customer when you double your conversions, your cost per acquisition will only be $15. Your savings can let you afford to invest in advertising or benefit from the increased profit. The importance of conversion optimisation is that it will help you acquire more customers in a shorter amount of time.



We are online conversion optimisation specialists

Everything we do including design, SEO, social media, online advertising, mobile websites, and more, is done with one goal in mind – to maximise your ROI and grow your market share.

It’s a different philosophy that drives so many new sales and leads to our clients’ businesses. 

Numbers come first

Numbers are the heart and soul of each successful engagement. The strategies we develop and implement for our clients are all based on numbers. Everything is carefully tested and tracked to optimise every aspect of your online presence. Every strategy and development are designed to optimise your numbers. 

Full accountability

We keep you up to date with our detailed monthly reports, which means you can track your ongoing improvements. And just like every other part of your business, accurate reporting ensures you’re getting a high ROI. You will easily see your profits grow with easy to understand figures including conversion rates, traffic volume, and how they impact your most important metric – Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) of a new lead or sale.

It makes us fully accountable for the results we get you. It also makes it simple to explain our strategic decisions and prove it to you as we move forward.

Better still your senior management team and board will be easy to engage once they see the impact your online strategy is having on increasing your profitability.

Now is the time to get your website optimised. Call us if you would like to have a custom strategy to fully optimise your website or you need a website audit. Contact us to get a free in-depth conversion analysis to find areas of improvement that can lead to better results.

Atomic Digital are conversion optimisation specialists. Our website design, SEO, social media, online advertising, turns your website into a lead generation machine!


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