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Social media strategy is not just about posting status messages on social media. Others make It sound so easy. Just post a few times on Facebook, Instagram or Linked and you have a social media presence. In reality, social media strategy should start before you start posting. It’s a plan with a purpose and you need to learn how to do it properly.

A social media strategy is your company’s plan on how you will use social media to achieve your goal. It outlines the goals, the things you want to achieve and the steps on how to implement it. Having a social media presence without a social media strategy can be terrible for your business than having no plan at all. When done effectively social media strategy can lead to more traffic, more engagement and more customers.

You need a good social media strategy to get people interested in your brand, get more followers, and paying customers. This means you need to create compelling and relevant content to get people interested in your products or services. Not many companies understand the need to have a good social media strategy.

We at Atomic Digital will be able to help you draft and implement a compelling social media strategy. We have social media teams that can help you manage your brand and generate business.

Here are some reasons why your business needs a social media strategy:

Increases Awareness and Branding

The majority of people are on social media. You can find your customer’s presence on influential social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use social media to connect with potential customers by using the right social media tools. Your social media accounts provide opportunities to display your brand and create interactions. Atomic Digital can help your business to increase awareness and branding.

Increase Website Traffic

Social media pages are supplemental to your website. It can reach different audiences and drive traffic to your site. Without social media strategy, your leads are only limited to the people who find you by searching from search engines.

By utilizing social media and Facebook advertising, you add other ways for people to find you. And as a result, you increase traffic to your site. When you increase traffic to your site, you have a better chance of converting these visitors into paying customers. We can easily reach your desired audience and increase traffic to your site.

Easier and Faster Communication

Your customers can now communicate with you and give feedback in real-time through your social media accounts. You can easily receive and respond to customers’ grievances faster, thanks to social media. Two-way communications become easier and faster by using social media to keep in contact with the people that matter to your business.

Promote Customer Loyalty

Every social media post is an opportunity for viewers to convert. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, social media is an effective tool to gain new leads into a customer. If you give the right customer experience you will receive higher loyalty for your customers. More than 50% of your audience who follow you on social media are more loyal to your brand than those who don’t. We will help you make a plan that you can implement to convert your audience into loyal customers.

Better Customer Service

Social media gives public opportunity to review, give feedback and complaint. No matter how good your product or service there’s going to be some unhappy customers. How you respond to your customers’ feedback is important to your business success and reputation.

Social media can help you maintain a reputation by giving you a platform to directly interact with your customers. It’s a great means to receive real customer feedback directly and faster than ever before. Social media is the best place for customer care. It enhances your relationship with your customers by acting on their concerns and keeping the line of communication open.

You will achieve success by understanding and delivering the best customer service possible and ensuring your customers and potential customers have the best experience with your company.

Social media strategy is important, without a strategy you may find yourself underutilizing social media platforms, without any clear results. When you have a social media strategy, it becomes easier and more effective to direct all your social media efforts into a single focused goal.

These days, a company’s social media strategy is a necessary component of their wider marketing strategy.

By integrating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others into your marketing campaigns, we can achieve access to a much larger group of relevant potential clients, with interactive feedback in real-time.

Many companies have a page on Facebook, but without people knowing it exists, companies see little return.  By combining regular news, our assisted marketing strategies and our ability to create momentum, Atomic Digital can have you up and running with a working Social Media strategy in a very short space of time.

Once we have developed a better understanding of where you are currently at, your goals, resources, timeline, and budget, we will map out a strategy to best meet your needs. We will help you engage your customers based on your objectives, targets, and goals. We will make sure that your social media accounts are aligned to achieve these goals. We have a dedicated team that will ensure your social media is a powerful tool in your marketing plan. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


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