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Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords Management

The Adwords management Sydney business owners trust to get the strongest revenue returns. Pay-per-click specialists followed by highly successful SEO for a fraction of the cost of google adwords …

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Adwords are one of the most popular products sold by Google, the most used search engine worldwide (reaches about 74% of Australian search engine users).

Using Pay per Click (PPC) adwords is a cost effective means of increasing your search engine visibility. As you only pay based upon results of your adwords it is easy to measure your return on investment and cost per acquisition. We develop a wide range of adword campaigns which broadly fall into three categories; Click-Driven Campaigns, CPA-Driven Campaigns, and ROI-Driven Campaigns. A click-driven adword campaign focuses upon maximizing the number of clicks received per dollar spent and is best for businesses that can’t track conversions or are more interested in getting their message out than revenue. The primary goal of a click driven adwords campaign is to increase visitor number to a website without increasing adspend.

CPA-driven adwords campaigns are based upon specific cost-per-acquisition benchmarks. These types of campaigns are ideal for companies wishing to make campaign decisions based upon targeted revenue outcomes. By keeping the focus on acquisition costs, these campaigns can be a cost effective way of keeping your advertising budget within defined parameters.

ROI-driven campaigns are much more complex and involve modeling revenue generation against advertising spend. There are many variables in ROI driven campaigns with the ultimate goal being to maximise the company’s revenue as well as the bottom line. In this type of campaign we are constantly analyzing and modifying keyword parameters, landing page characteristics and placement criteria as user trends appear and work with our clients to optimise conversion rates.

Typically we will start with a list of keyphrases, eg here’s what we came up with for an Ashfield accountant:

accountant sydney
accountants sydney
accountant adelaide
accountants adelaide
tax accountant
tax accountants
tax accountant sydney
tax accountants sydney
tax accountant adelaide
tax accountants adelaide
bookkeeper sydney
bookkeeper adelaide
tax agent
tax agent sydney
tax agent adelaide
tax agent ashfield
accountant ashfield
tax accountant ashfield
best accountant
best accountant sydney
best accountant adelaide
best accountant ashfield
tax return
tax returns
tax return sydney
tax return adelaide
tax returns sydney
tax returns adelaide
tax return ashfield
tax returns ashfield
accountant burwood
accountants burwood
tax accountant burwood
tax accountants burwood
best accountant burwood
tax return burwood
tax returns burwood
tax agent burwood

For a psychologist, we went for terms which are related more to the anxiety symptoms she treats rather than just typical things like “psychologist St Ives” or “counsellor St Ives” – eg these terms have very high monthly search volumes because anxiety is basically an epidemic in Sydney:

anxiety treatment
anxiety treatments
anxiety treatment options
sydney anxiety clinic
anxiety attack
anxiety attack symptoms
anti anxiety medication
natural remedies for anxiety
natural treatment for anxiety
how to overcome anxiety
how to treat anxiety
how to beat anxiety
anxiety relief
best medication for anxiety
anxiety cures
overcoming anxiety
breathing exercises for anxiety
anxiety breathing
how to stop an anxiety attack
natural anxiety medication
medication for anxiety and depression
anxiety disorder treatment
stress and anxiety relief
anxiety counselling
best anti anxiety medication
signs of anxiety
symptoms of anxiety
what is anxiety
types of anxiety
anxiety treatment sydney
anxiety clinic
anxiety clinic sydney
anxiety treatment without medication

So if you’re looking for the type of Google Adwords management Sydney companies have been able to rely on for well over a decade, give us a call on 1300 321 814 or send us an email.

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