Email Marketing Done Ethically Still Works

email marketing in 2021The various marketing studies currently place email marketing as the most profitable channel in digital marketing, above SEO, SEM, affiliation, or Facebook ADS. It is the one with the lowest cost and the one that causes the most impact on the user.

From this point on, how does email marketing ethically break the line of consumer data protection?

Keep in mind that the LOPD (Organic Law on Data Protection) protects personal data. It affects only the data processing of natural persons and regulates the rights and obligations regarding this information.

The most important thing to understand is that the main difference between ethical email marketing and being a spammer is consent. Remember that the sender must identify who the sender is whenever you send an email not to inconvenience the company you are going to.

Email Marketing is a set of strategies carried out by companies to give their content and offers from the email channel.

However, thanks to the advancement of marketing automation tools, this channel has become the best way to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

In addition to being an excellent tool for digital marketing and inbound marketing professionals, email is a highly democratic channel.

What is email marketing?

Being practical, Email Marketing is sending messages via email to attract potential customers. We will also add that it does not include sending spam or junk messages because it is quality content, and it interests the people who send it as we know that when content creation is only done for conversions.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The main benefit of Email Marketing is undoubtedly the direct connection with your potential customer. It is that almost personal contact with a person that can turn into a sale.

We will talk about many platforms later, in which mass mailing is entirely free and templates, etc. So the cost of an email marketing campaign is meager compared to other digital marketing techniques. The marketing via emails requires great content copywriting.


Email Marketing allows you to segment who you will send each message to carefully. So if you know very well who your Buyer Persona (audience) is and what they want to read, what you need to know, what interests them, their needs, daily challenges, objectives, etc. You will be able to make 100% personalized content, which means you will be very close to generating a conversion.


In a world where audiences want everything for yesterday, Email Marketing becomes your ally because once you have defined your strategy and segmentation, only a few minutes will pass between clicking the send button and receiving your potential client’s email.

You can measure it. Most email marketing platforms allow you to count the impact of your actions in real-time easily. So to understand if your targeting is refined or your message is working, you only have to let an hour or a day goes by, and you can straighten the wheel.

You reach any corner of the world

Sometimes it is tough to get clients in other countries, but with Email Marketing, you break down geographical barriers, and you can reach any corner of the world with just one click. Long live globalization!

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