Individual holistic therapists are widely regarded in digital media and marketing circles as being one of the worst industries for poor presentation across digital media. Cheap-looking websites, tokenistically conceived, don’t portray an image that their patients might be trusting of. There has always been a technological laggard mentality among the majority of alternative therapists; as if their alternative is a return to the Stone Age. It is understandable, in some ways, because many of their treatments are about getting people to slow down and smell the flowers. Massage is essentially about the healing touch of another human being; a real one not a virtual one. Many modern ailments are caused by too much stimulation and too much time on the mental plane.

However, it is important not to confuse the methods of marketing with the nature of the healing treatments the practitioner may provide. The majority of western people are online; and they search for answers on their smart phones and devices. A digital presence is, now vital, for any holistic health practitioner serious about surviving and thriving in the twenty first century. So what can they do about it? Invest more in their digital presence, that’s what. Every private practitioner and health clinic needs a savvy digital presence, which reflects iconically and visually their particular approach to healing. Whether it be a sophisticated remedial massage clinic site, or a naturopath’s site, or a typical osteopathic clinic website, or a high ranking auditory processing disorder website; they must sparkle with the freshness of 21C technology.

It is not enough to have a pretty looking website, it also needs to be search engine optimised and supported by channels of social media. SEO and social media these are the tools of today’s age. A practitioner need not sully their hands with the intricate workings of the digital marketing sphere, if they choose not; engaging professional help is a more constructive road to success. If funding is an issue, they could take out a short term business loan and finance a bigger vision. It is no use being the best holistic practitioner in the world if you are also the best kept secret in the world. Stretch your wings, a little, before you attempt to fly. Find a bigger vision and endorse it with everything you can muster.

The health industry needs a greater financial digital presence, so that the public can interact with it more fully. The complementary practitioner space wants to be taken more seriously and, so, they need to stand up and be counted online. Step beyond your fear of failing and take wing up into the realm of the stars. Light up the screens of your potential market and make a difference to their lives.