Hi everyone 👋

I’m sure I’m not the only one dreaming of a Santorini holiday (as pictured).

Now that I have your attention, I just want to quickly introduce myself!

As well as being a Klaviyo specialist I’m a merchant, and also a Klaviyo partner.

Welcome to Klaviyo if you are new! 🥳

As we head into the busiest period of the year (after enduring lockdown and home-schooling), Klaviyo email marketing is vital for your sales.

24/7 moderation of a Klaviyo group on Facebook was never the goal in itself – the goal has always been about community; NOT self-promotion.

Now, I’m going to say this with my merchant hat on, from a loving place with plenty of respect for everyone, to keep things real:

It’s always great to read up on new tricks and strategies, be envious of numbers people are achieving, looking for that quick game to increase revenue and etc. I get it because I’ve been there before! BUT often, all this success come from the following over a period of time:

  • trial and error (I’ve learnt a lot in the past 10 years through making mistakes and quickly learning from them and moving on. When I first started as a merchant almost 10 years ago, I blasted my whole list (YES) but now I’ve learnt the importance of segmentation and engagement).
  • test and measure (Look at your metrics and see which areas need to be improved; Klaviyo also has some great benchmarks that you can refer to. For example, test different campaign layouts, remove as many unnecessary links in your emails as possible, test different offers, test different send days and times. If you are stuck, look at your store’s analytics and see when the busiest day of the week is and the time of that particular day. I usually start there. )
  • understanding your business (when are my peaks and when are my lulls? How do I boost sales during the lull periods? There are always peaks and lulls. When are the major events during the year – what can I do here to add value to my customers).
  • understanding your customers (what else do they need, want, learn and etc – Don’t know the answers – send a survey. Typeform integrates really well with Klaviyo. )
  • consistency (sending campaigns consistently is really important when it comes to maintaining the list but there is a fine line here. Some people LOVE receiving emails, some don’t. It is just so noisy at the moment. Once a week to once a fortnight is usually my recommendation BUT once again, it depends on your business and customers)
  • content calendar (Do you have one? No? Then start plotting out the key dates for the next three months and work out your promotions and what you would like to communicate with your customers about. Content used to be the number 1 thing that stopped me from sending emails to my customers. But by being able to plan ahead, it definitely helps with campaign planning).

All the best with the next few months! For those in Sydney, freedom day is just around the corner 🥳🥳🥳

Cheers & best wishes for your success,

Jessie Goh