Wooden furniture store SydneyHabitat Furniture came on as a client with Atomic Digital with the aim of shooting for the stars in terms of search results. As you can see on the left, when searching for furniture shops or furniture stores, Habitat Furniture is ranked third from two hundred and twenty million pages. Yes, that’s 220,000,000!

Starting from almost nothing we were able to get rankings for some very popular search terms within the furniture industry.

#1 for Timber bookcases

#1 for Timber wardrobes

#2 for Timber coffee tables

#2 for Pine furniture stores

#3 for Furniture inner west Sydney

#3 for Furniture shops

#7 for Coffee tables Sydney

#7 for Lamp tables

We’ve also managed to rank highly for a number of other terms, as well as creating targeted websites to pull in targeted traffic around some of the terms we’ve identified as having the largest web traffic, and hence the largest opportunity to market the product to the public.

Other upcoming search terms:

Wooden furniture now #7 out of 37.9 million search results.

Furniture Sydney now at #10 organic result so onto the first page.

Pine Beds at #10 still edging up.

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Most Searched Terms: furniture industry SEO, furniture Sydney, funriture stores.
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