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Sydney CBD hypnotherapist Alex Caterjian contacted us to find out whether high rankings on Google could translate into students in his courses. Together we worked out a number of crucial search terms which he needed his website to rank for.

Working on producing Offsite SEO articles on our dozen established high traffic website, we’ve been able to give him high rankings for a range of most important search terms. Of greatest importance ultimately is the ROI – return on investment. Alex started getting enquiries, but were they the right people who were willing to commit to the relatively high costs of studying hypnotherapy?

“The great thing about the SEO work we’ve done is that I’m constantly receiving qualified leads,” Alex attests. “They aren’t people looking for a hypnosis session, or needing to heal a problem. They are people who have actively sought out, via an exact search term, hypnosis training.”

After achieving very high rankings for Alex for terms such as ‘hypnosis training’ and ‘hypnosis course’, we’re currently after the horizontal equivalents such as ”hypnotherapy training’ and ‘hypnotherapy course’. We long since moved on from the longer string searches such as hypnosis training sydney, hypnosis courses sydney and the like – got them after 3 months.

SEO people who cry out that “SEO is Dead!” and that you can only get high rankings for long-string search terms on Google should crawl back under the rocks from whence they sprung. We constantly prove that we can get highest-possible rankings for our clients, and all we can say is that the weak SEO people are the biggest liars. Feel sorry for all the company CEOs who believe all the bullshit doing the rounds. For highest-possible ranking results for your business call 1300 321 814.

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