Osteopath-SydneyWe live in this electronic era where people use the web to look for products and services. If your potential consumers are online, you should be there too. Many osteopaths and natural practitioners who want to be found online to attract new clients who are looking for professional and reliable service need to have a strong online presence to be found easily. Start by having a website that contains relevant information customers need.

Your site needs to be web friendly for the search engine to find you and raise your rankings.

If you’re an osteopath and need your website to rank on the first page of Google speak to us at Atomic Digital.

Search engine optimisation begins with keyword research. Learning what words potential clients are searching for when they think of your service. Key in your osteopath service name in Google search box and look for suggestions.

These are the keywords your potential clients might Google to find you.

Choose keywords for which you want to get found and optimise your site with them. Onpage SEO – title tags tell users and search engines what to expect when they click on your link.

Place your important keywords first in your title tag. Meta tags are short descriptions that show up in the search results. To be found easily optimise meta tags as part of your SEO strategy.

Put appropriate keywords in engaging sentences to increase traffic to your site. Create well-structured Landing Pages.

Create landing pages customised to different audience. The landing pages should be focused around your most important keywords but craft it for targeted buyer personas. After creating landing pages you can now start to build links. Make your links natural and direct links to highly relevant content.

Google assumes you’re important if lots of traffic is going from other websites. Earn backlinks but do not buy, swap or employ underhand tactics as part of your SEO strategy for getting found online.

Keep your website current with fresh exceptional content. Start a blog on your site and update it weekly. Find instant audience for your content by answering questions online.

Be easily found online through social media. Most top-ranking websites have social media accounts. A strong Facebook and Twitter account can help generate viral exposure for your website. Also don’t forget to create and manage your G+ profile for your osteopath practice. G+ profile with Google Maps will help increase your visibility in search results by helping customers to find your location quicker.

Geo-targeting – optimize your strategy for local traffic by creating pages with local focus. Use specific geo-targeted search keywords like “Osteopath Sydney” as we did for local Sydney osteopath Balmain Osteopaths, and create geo-targeted landing pages to help you convert traffic into leads based on location.

Use responsive design to make your content appear usable whether customers use desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A responsive design adapts to the screen limitations. Being responsive is important SEO strategy for getting found online.

Mobile SEO – people are always on the go using their device to look for products and services. Incorporate mobile SEO on your overall strategy by improving mobile site design, optimising page load time and local optimisation.

If your osteopath practice has a local presence, it is highly recommended that you focus on local mobile SEO practices as well.

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And so what became of Balmain Osteopaths after we SEO’d them? They went from “not seen on the first ten pages of Google” to anywhere, on any given day, appearing between #2 and #5 for the single term “osteopath” which has 2900 searches per month in Sydney.