Following on from a long-term Google Adwords campaign, Sydney-based clinical hypnotherapist Sandra Cabot recently approached us to focus on her big three keywords – hypnotherapist vs hypnotherapy vs hypnotherapist – to see if she could achieve quality rankings for these shortest-string terms.

We got to work on hypnotherapy first and were delighted to crack her Sentience Therapies website at #2 out of 14.9 million search results.

What’s exciting about this is that there are a whopping 60,500 monthly searches for this in Australia.

Next we’ve recently started to focus on the ultimate in terms of volume. The sole word hypnosis attracts 90,500 searches in Australia per month.

Using a new website we custom-built for her, she has currently got to #20 for this term – still a long way to go to be competitive, but we’re now focusing on bringing in some of our ultra-powerful “quality anchor-text links from high-traffic aged media websites”.

This is our marketing advantage as we’re yet to hear of an SEO company which has 13-year-old media websites that can proffer such profound Links Love that our clients almost always crack the top three on Google for their most crucial terms.

The final single term is of course the pure word hypnotherapist for which on this day we’re building a new Onsite Article to link to for this word.

Recording current rankings on this date:

hypnosis sydney 2,400 local searches per month – we cracked this one with her custom-built site. Currently already ranking number 2 on Google for this term out of 2.68 million results.

hypnotherapy sydney 2,900 searches per month – #6 of Google Places is Sentience Therapies while her Sydney CBD hypnosis site cracks a #4 organic result directly under the Google Places. Therefore it’s only appropriate to give that a hypnotherapy sydney link today.

hypnosis 90,500pm – #20 is

hypnotherapy 60,500pm – #2 on Google is a great result – but client needs an article prioritised on her CDB site for hypnotherapy – now linked to article of future focus.

hypnotherapist sydney 1600pm. With a #4 and #5 organic result this is passable for the moment but until her websites jump above Google Places results we will not be satisfied. Once again a second link is required for hypnotherapist sydney to keep the websites apace with each other.

smoking hypnosis 5,400pm. Client’s Sentience Therapies site ranking a very poor #42 so a new focus on smoking hypnosis has been implemented in today’s search engine optimisation session.

weight loss hypnotherapy 5,400pm. Client needs a lot of work with weight loss hypnotherapy showing their Sentience Therapies site at #53 and weight loss hypnosis showing their Sentience Therapies site at #60. The Sydney CBD site is not showing at all.

hypnotherapist 33,100 …. #32

clinical hypnotherapist 1,000pm searches around Australia is not a lot but still the focus is warranted as this is as close to her core business as a search could be.