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Doyle Bros have been looking after waste disposal in Sydney for over 20 years. But until very recently, they’d never had SEO done on their website.

All that changed, interestingly enough, thanks to a women’s gynaecological clinic in Artarmon.

It was there that our resident search engine optimisation guru Stewart Dawes, while SEOing Gynaecare’s websites for the terms vasectomy sydney and suchlike, met Ally Bulgin who was doing some marketing and web content writing for Emma, Cath and the crew at this womens health clinic.

Buoyed by reports of Stewart’s prowess for all things Google-ranking and the significant impact it was having on Gynaecare’s bottom line, Ally kept Stewart’s email address handy and when her neighbour-of-twenty-years Paul Doyle, who, upon moving into the street, began his rubbish collection business around the same time, mentioned to her that he was somewhat of a late adopter when it came to all things internet, she saw the chance to connect some people who might be able to help each other.

“We’ve had the cleanest street in Sydney for 20 years,” Ally says mirthfully.

“It’s like we’ve had our own private collection service.”

Ally met up with Stewart for coffee and they drew up a plan for planning Paul’s “waste disposal sydney” website – two months were set aside purely for the planning of the SEO prior to the web build, an instrumental move which meant that every single aspect of the website is SEO-friendly.

waste disposal sydney

Once the website was built according to the strict SEO guidelines devised by Stewart, Ally worked with Paul Doyle to flesh out the content and images – and it was then time to begin the Onsite SEO.

With a range of Offsite SEO articles published on aged, high-traffic media websites which Atomic Digital has owned for 12-15 years, published hand-in-hand with various search term-driven pages, Doyle Bros saw massive leaps out of nowhere for their website.

Their most instant Page One success was around the term waste management sydney, which was extremely encouraging for all parties – but what surprised even Stewart after he’s been invoved with high-ranking websites for 15 years, was the way that after just six weeks, Doyle Bros landed the organic ranking of #3 for the short-string phrase exclusing the word Sydney, simply “rubbish removal”.

From there the site continues to crack rankings across all the most desirable search terms, with Doyle Bros noticing the difference in enquiries after just the first month of search engine optimisation.

Once again the mythbusting of the ridiculous hype concept of “SEO is dead”. Nay, SEO is alive and well in Sydney my friends.

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