As a small-medium business you may not be able to afford to build 5-10, even up to 20 websites to ensure web presence and its resultant lead generation in your 20 most crucial search terms …

If your digital ambition is aggressive, but your budget is a little bit modest, then a smart new SEO strategy is to consider talking to a new lead generation website specialist company.

Over the last 5 years we’ve closely researched online lead generation and our findings are in – and nothing could be starker.

The ratio of SEO leads vs Social Media leads is a shocking 40:1. Social media is still great if you simply love it, or if you have money to burn, or if you seek grass-roots branding with a dash of virality – but our in-house social media management gurus are willing to tell it like it is – the targeted self-qualified leads coming through search engine optimisation are people who are already ready to flash their cash.

While social media has headed dinner party conversation over the last 5-6 years, it’s now considered more cognoscenti to quote articles from SEO news media such as Search Engine Land in order to impress a date or a mate. Of course Forbes as well as Mashable and Australia’s own Social Media News continue to win massive readership but your average CEO knows a lot more about SEO while leaving social media to the office juniors.

While the small crew at Lead Generation Websites are now acutely positioned to rent out websites in the legal, medical and real estate sectors for very high sums of money, these new “landlords of the internet” are also very interested in small to medium business being assisted with exact match domains that might be perceived at first to only augment online ROI, but in fact they have case studies of clients whose additional websites become the main source of revenue. So small businesses can start out renting their lead generation websites from as little as $330 per month, but, a bit like Google, as qualified leads grow so will the website rentals – but their philosophy remains to partner with small to medium business for long-term associations which are not exploitative on either side.