Sales productivity is a key to success in business of any size. Increasing sales productivity requires the appropriate tools and technology. Providing your sales team the Microsoft Dynamics CRM increases the sales productivity. By using this sales solution you can optimise your sales efforts by spending more time selling to the right customers and prospects and minimising administrative task.

Benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Sales Productivity

Streamline and automate key sales processes

Your sales staff can work productively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM by helping you to streamline and automate your sales processes so your salespeople can create and view customer information in one click. Streamlined processes leads to lower cost of sales by enabling sales people to shorten time spent on administrative task and more on selling.

Accelerate sales cycles

Sales cycles are accelerated through timely access and communication with members of the sales team. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, teams can work together across different business systems, process and geographies, resulting in higher close rate and improved customer retention.

Gain full visibility into customer information and purchasing history

Store customer information, from basic details to current and historical purchases, and other customer preferences. Help your sales staff to quickly access their most important records with most recently used lists, record pinning, and real-time data filtering. Empower your sales force with real-time access to customer data from any Web-enabled device.

Automate lead system

Microsoft Dynamics CRM instantly segments your customer database to identify new leads in one centralized system. Automated leads can then be routed to the most effective resource with intuitive lead management and flexible sales territories.

Turn leads into Sales

Turn your leads into sales by learning which customer you serve buy the most of a certain product and use that information to leverage future sales. Instead of blindly marketing, narrow the focus on the types of businesses who are more likely to purchase the products or services that you offer.

Simplify opportunity management and deal tracking

Manage potential business opportunities that are associated with your contacts. Assign the leads to various users, associate products & services with the opportunities, and track deals through the process and forecast future sales.

Improve sales performance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps improve sales performance by providing key insights into target businesses, individuals and history of engagement through powerful insight and forecasting

Productivity savings

Save man hours per month due to better reporting tools, data consolidation, reporting automation and richer dashboard capabilities.

Reduce Travel Expense

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Unified communication integrates all forms of digital communications video, e-mail, IM, Web conferencing. Reduce travel expense by replacing in person meetings with immersive Web, video and audio conferencing.

Streamline quote-to-invoice time for greater sales velocity

Streamline the management of quotes, proposals, orders, invoices, and other sales documents with holistic document management capabilities.

Solid return on investment

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM can anticipate significant productivity gains and cost savings through quantifiable productivity benefits for people and processes.