Small business and medium sized businesses are still coming to terms with the ever changing digital landscape. Assumptions have been made about what is required to promote products and services through the digital sphere. Many in business consider the fact that they have a website, which is performing reasonably, and that they also have a Facebook page, giving them a channel to social media, that the digital marketing job is done. Answer these questions and see if you fall into this group:

So you think having one website is enough when the first page of Google, taking into account the ads, Google Places and organic rankings, usually has 25 profiles on it?

I have always liked the analogy that a website is like having a virtual salesperson working on your behalf 24/7. It may lack the human touch, in that it cannot avoid its electronic nature, but it has many other positives going for it. It is, however, really only one salesperson; as you cannot effectively imbue multiple pitches in the one website without damaging the effectiveness of all of them. For this reason alone, it makes sense to have multiple websites ranking on Google, and each of them appealing to a different demographic within your market. A network of websites is like a national or international sales team covering the market. This network can help build and maintain your dominant digital profile in the keyword searches relevant to your business. You want to stand out from the crowd and make your presence felt.

So you think that having one person in your office doing your social media is the solution to your presence on social media?

There are billions of Facebook pages online and millions of Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and all the other social media platforms. Can one person successfully meet the demands of this voracious medium and create profiles and posts, which illuminate your product or service. Run of the mill social media is almost a waste of time; it is a waste of time. This exciting medium can deliver inspiration in the hands of social media management experts; it can generate sparks in your market. Fresh social media is created by multiple voices, not one minion in the office, low down on the pecking chain. Social media is a modern digital art form, which combines words and images; properly done it stirs up excitement and stimulates real interest in your business. You want  something that would make David Bowie proud, some Ziggy Stardust, some Major Tom.

Is it time to have an adult chat about your digital future? Or, are you going to let the opportunity slip through your hands. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Major Tom’s a junkie. Strung out in heaven’s high. Hitting an all time low.

Don’t let your digital future hit an all time low, do something about it!