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Make your Retail Shop Standout The Magic of Perfect Lighting Technique

When someone establishes a retail store, there are a lot of questions to answer, like which certain products should go, how to display the best products, what will be the general outlook of the store, and a lot more. But what about the lighting design?

Though the lighting is considered as an afterthought for most of the retailers who are just starting out, perfect lighting techniques for retail shops offer more than just simple ambiance. Most importantly, this also impacts the overall sales and customer experience.

Latest studies have stated that in-store retail lighting plays an important role in guiding customers through the store and increasing the average spend per customer. It’s best to hire a commercial electrician who is well aware of the latest lighting techniques to make your store stand out from others.

Let’s have a look at different types of retail lighting that you can use in your store.

• Task Lighting
This light mainly focuses on the areas of the store that need maximum light, like the changing room and tills. Customers want to see more lights in the changing room so that they can assess the right fit of the apparel.

People in the cash or billing counters need more light to do their job more efficiently. Task lighting also highlight the sign of the store of the entrance area so that the brand is clearly visible.

• High Activity Lighting
This is one of the most popular forms of lighting as it works to cover different areas of the shop with bright light. In contrary to other lighting options, high activity lighting mainly eliminates the dark corners and shadowy areas in the store and ensures the customers get to see each and every item in offer.

• Decorative Lighting
These lights are all about driving visual appeal, and they are least focused on the illumination part. The fixtures of lights play an imperative role in this type of lighting as they need to be beautiful and decorative.

These kinds of lights work great on invoking nostalgic emotions like using a string of small white lights during the winter holidays to evoke childhood memories. You can also increase your retail shops social media following using these lights.

• Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is mainly used to highlight specific areas in the store to draw the attention of the customers towards certain products and to create a sense that these buys are worth making. These are best used to emphasize seasonal products and to highlight products on the shelves.

Retailers use accent lighting for window displays as they attract visually and help customers in the store. When it is all about power consumption, these lights are always on the greater side, and thus, you have to very selective in the areas of the stores to install these fittings.

Retailers should always keep in mind that lighting is a part of the large in-store marketing strategy for their brand. The use of the lighting discussed above in the post will certainly help boost sales and create an excellent customer experience for the store.

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