1. Mint.com – Any list of personal finance tools you see will surely have Mint.com on it; such is the efficacy of this website. The great thing about Mint is that it helps you keep track of your budget without much hassle. This way, you know exactly where your money is going.

2. Betterment – Betterment goes one step further than Mint.com, in the sense that it helps you allocate your funds for investment. If you are interested in making long-term investments, this is one website you should visit.

3. Buxfer – Buxfer enables you to see all your money on one platform, regardless of how many accounts you are using currently. This means that you can easily track account balances and other information.

4. ReadyForZero – ReadyForZero is the perfect tool for people who need assistance to pay off their outstanding debts. Managing debt payments can become much easier with this great tool. You only need to pay a small fee for their services.

5. NSW Mortgage Corp’s Finance Calculators – NSW Mortgage Corp provides a number of finance calculators you can use to not only manage your budget but also discover the best loan products available to you. This makes it ideal for people seeking bad credit loans or home loans and other credit options. Without a doubt, it is a great personal finance digital tool.

6. PocketSmith – PocketSmith is a great tool that allows you to set up reminders for payments you have to make and also helps plan out your financial future.

7. YouNeedABudget – Using YNAB, you can allocate each dollar in your budget to something, be it an expense or an investment.

8. Shoeboxed – Shoeboxed is a unique personal finance tool in that it allows you to save your receipts. This way, you don’t have to enter panic mode should there be any tax audits.

9. GnuCash – GnuCash is another efficient tool for managing and tracking your transactions while staying on top of your finances.

10. MoneyDance – MoneyDance is a wonderful app and you can actually connect it to a number of financial institutions. You can conduct different types of transactions through the app and also print cheques.

11. BudgetSimple – To keep things short and sweet, BudgetSimple makes it simple for you to manage your budget.

12. Quicken – Quicken is a great personal finance tool for reconciling your statements and accounts without much hassle.