Many foreigners’ marketers prefer to market their products into China owing to its large population and exciting business opportunities. These foreigners tend to market their products digitally because, through digital marketing, they can reach a massive audience.

The internet has made marketing simple and easy and marketers are trying to embrace digital marketing in whichever way possible. But when marketing your products in China digitally, how should you go about it? The following are some of the ways to go about it.

1. The content should be rich and authentic

The content should be of high quality. Chinese consumers are tired of seeing the same content every time. All you got to do is to come up with an attractive content that is related to your product or service by developing a rich and authentic storyline.

You should ensure that the content is engaging and entertaining because if not, nobody will bother to read it. Good content is ideal for both small and medium enterprises which cannot afford expensive methods of promotion.

Knowing how to do SEO for Chinese search platforms like Baidu can be an added advantage to many SEO specialists. You can publish the content on your official website, social media accounts, blogs, and public forums. You can as well send the content to your potential consumers through their emails.

2. Mini-video online

One of the ways that you can grab your customers’ attention is to show them your product from a new perspective. The mini-Video is one of the popular ways to market your product on any platform. When it comes to the video, the length and content really matter. Several companies such as Pepsi provide mini-video advertising services. One of the best advantages of using mini-videos is that they offer a creative and good means to attract customers without interfering with brand’s image.

The mini-video can also be used to promote products, services, ideas, and events online. It gives your business the chance to get known by the consumers.

3. Mobile Marketing

China is one of the most connected countries having more than 960 million of its population using the internet. The number of smartphone users in China is expected to hit 700 million by the end of 2018. Chinese smartphone users are comfortable seeing adverts on their mobile phones, and about 75% are likely to click an advert that has content that’s relevant to them. Video is the most widely used marketing format followed by banner ads and coupons.

4. Email marketing

Email is now one of the main means of communication for Chinese. As a marketer, you can use email to reach a majority of your potential customers. But you should remember that Chinese buyers mostly react positively to a personalized email. When creating the email, you should ensure that it is precise as nobody wants to read a lengthy email. A lengthy email can also lose its meaning.


Marketing products into China is hence digital effective because the marketing strategies used are almost digital. And these digital channel such as emails and social media platforms like Linkedln tend to reach a lot of potential buyers.