Social media have been changing industries, and the adult entertainment industry is no different. Social media allows interaction among people where they can communicate directly with others to build, share or exchange information and ideas in a social way. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great avenues where people can interact, share information and become part of a community of friends and like-minded people.

Adult service providers have been quick to embrace social media and have been effectively reaching their target consumers with the community they created on the social web. Twitter, for example, is one of the social media platforms best suited for the adult industry. It’s used by a lot of adult entertainers and independent sex workers and has already become a digital rallying point for them to communicate with each other. Through Twitter, they can talk to their colleagues and share random information from their normal day to day activities, tours and even what they offer.

Escorts in particular have adapted to social media and have embraced Twitter to promote themselves and do business taking advantage of its great marketing opportunity. They use it for personal branding by directly connecting and reaching out to their fans and followers building a strong following that can benefit them.

Progressive-minded entrepreneurs are also finding that they can tap into the massive online demand for adult entertainment, which, while dominated by pornography, has substantial traffic in areas such as escorts directories, sex worker networking groups, and more recently, online digital magazines covering adult entertainment and adult news.

For instance, recent surveys show that online digital magazine audiences are growing and this growth has prompted the great minds of people in the adult industry to look into adult digital magazines. There is a promising future for adult entertainment magazines online as audiences can easily access adult news on their cell phones, tablets or other electronic platforms which could provide a lifeline for this kind of business. for instance is a great adult news source filled with interesting adult global news. This adult online digital magazine also features adult services, adult films and adult shops you can find across Australia.

The way I see it, social media will encourage mainstream adult entertainment for it humanises the people in this industry, opening up fan bases and growing a virtual community for adult entertainers and independent sex workers.