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Achieving Awe-Inspiring Client Outcomes For 22 Years … We at Atomic Digital Marketing Agency pride ourselves on delivering exceptional Google rankings, online presence & ROI for our clients. When it comes to making your business conquer your industry – generating the best possible return on your investment – we believe it’s not how much you pay, it’s what you get in return for your money. If your business doesn’t grow neither will ours – and therefore we treat each client’s business as if it were our own. Each client works closely with our directors who are responsible for ensuring the digital marketing strategy is right for that business – and we monitor every step of the implementation and constantly apply current best practices. If things haven’t been working with previous digital marketing companies, we soon find the reasons why – and then work closely with you and your team to ensure you constantly have the most effective strategies & actions in play.

Are You Up With Google’s 2023 Algorithm Changes?



Strategic planning and analysis are key elements of an effective digital marketing campaign in any kind of business.


After strategic planning and analysis have been evaluated – precise & consistent execution is vital to achieving goals & ROI.


We monitor daily to ensure your digital marketing agency campaign stays on-track with its financial objectives. Your wins are our wins.

Take advantage of our GENIUS


Organic SEO

Via Organic SEO we’ve been turning small to medium businesses into giant killers online. Our Search Engine Optimisation harmonises Onsite and Offsite SEO strategies (we own over 280 quality offsite websites) to achieve results most SEO companies regard as impossible … SEO is not dead … Get rid of your underperforming SEO provider today!

Social Media Development

By foregrounding Facebook, Instagram and social signals into your digital marketing campaigns, we ensure you access a much larger group of relevant potential clients. We do much more than social media strategy, far more than social media management … our actions ensure you achieve profound social media development.

Online Marketing Strategy

Regardless of how or where you sell your products & services if you’re serious about the success of your business you need to be serious about developing a far more expansive digital marketing agency-driven strategy. Proof of concept on one website has led some of our clients to develop 10-20 equally highly successful websites under our direction … Starting small is OK, we’ll make you huge anyway …

Website Design & Development

We believe websites shouldn’t just look pretty … they should also sell. The challenge with most website designers is they focus more on the appearance of the website than on making it do its job. We’re conversion optimisation specialists, a digital marketing agency priority. And once you have one website that “makes it big”, we’ll motivate you & help you make 12 more …

Adwords Campaigns

When managed scientifically, Google Adwords are a cost-effective means to increase your search engine visibility. Our expertise ensures you increasingly only pay based on results of your campaigns so it becomes a pleasure to measure your returns on investment and costs per acquisition … We’ll stop you spending on keywords that don’t work …

Reputation Management

Negative online publicity can hurt your business faster than it’s taken to create a positive online presence. No matter how ethical your business is, it’s an unfortunate fact of life you can’t always keep everyone happy … and how people love to be critical online. Online Reputation Management is an incredibly difficult task when you’ve left it too late! Prevention much cheaper than cure …
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Our History



Founded in 2006 by five of Australia’s leading online entrepreneurs, Atomic Digital Marketing Agency Sydney has become one of Australia’s most sought-after digital marketing specialists and we’re regarded by most of our clients as one of the finest SEO and social media management companies in Australia.

With over 22 years experience in SEO and 12 years in social media strategy, training and management, our expertise is respected by some of Australia’s BRW Fast 100 growth companies as well as scores of small to medium business operators who are now enjoying the rewards of more customers and more sales through our results-focussed online marketing campaigns.

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Thanks to our loyal customers


In early 2009 we began an SEO program with Atomic Digital Marketing Agency. Within just 2 months we were astounded to find the SEO team had placed us at the top of Google for over 30 of our most important search terms such as aromatherapy training, remedial massage courses, and beauty diploma. In that first 12 months with Atomic, our college tripled its enquiries and most vitally of all, we doubled our student intake. Through the massive ROI we gained from SEO we were able to launch an Adelaide and Perth campus in 2012 two years ahead of schedule.

Brian Knight

Director, The Health Arts College
Atomic Digital Marketing achieved incredible things for us. Like top 3 global on Google for our crucial search term "make-up stands" out of 34 million results. And two results on the top of the first page of Google for our other most crucial term "window display" out of over 40 million competitive results. Now we know what the difference is because our phone is ringing every day with enquiries. After 50 years in the fashion business, getting this program underway with Atomic was the best business decision we ever made.

Su Yung

Director, EV Young

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